My Luv Of Music & Cassettes....

Sooo I grew up in the UK during the early 1980’s and my first taste of music was on cassette tape, Bob Marley - Legend which was home recorded on my mates Grandads Grundig stereo system! I have developed a broad taste in music, at school I listened to bands on my Walkman like The Blow Monkeys, Carter, Lloyd Cole, INXS & Big Audio Dynamite. I was also really lucky as my Sister had an amazing taste in music, so in my teens she got me into Acid Jazz, Funk, Soul -  The Brand New Heavies, Soul II Soul, Fatback Band, Jamiroquai +++..... I also loved the US Hip Hop scene, which was  mostly played on boomboxes, The Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, The Sugarhill Gang & Public Enemy.  Then in my early twenties I got into the Rave scene 😳! Rave in the early 90’s was still mainly sold on cassettes, my Fav DJ’s Sasha & Digweed, John Kelly, Danny Rampling, Judge Jules & Groups like The Orb, The Prodigy & Jam & Spoon. I also loved 90’s bands, The Verve, The Stone Roses, Oasis, The Charlatans & Happy Monday’s.  Again I mostly listened to the music on cassette tape, on my Walkman, at home on the stack hi-fi or in the dodgy car stereo! I did a bit of travelling in my 20’s & my trusty Walkman came everywhere with me.  So that’s why I love music and especially played on cassettes.  I guess it’s partly the nostalgia, but I also love the artwork & band notes on the J-card (Sleeve) & I find that old media like cassettes slows down the whole process of listening to and choosing music.


Run Your Own Race...

After being on the corporate wheel for many years glued to a computer screen I wanted to do something different, it was time for a change but I had no idea what to do next πŸ€”! Anyroad to cut a long story short I was at a car boot sale a few years back and I bought a Prodigy cassette. Luckily the wife’s old VW Polo still had a cassette player in it & putting the cassette into the deck & listening to it reignited all those memories of my early years. So this fired up my old passion for cassettes, I got a second hand Technics stack hifi system with a cassette deck and I fully got into everything to do with cassettes.  So now it has got to the point where I have collected thousands of cassettes & decided to set up a website & shop to see if anyone else is feeling the love for cassettes again. I would like to share my passion with everyone and hopefully sell a few cassettes along the way! Fingers crossed you enjoy the website & it inspires you to reconnect or connect for the first time with music on cassettes.


How To Buy Cassettes & Shipping...🌏 πŸ„πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

If on a PC, laptop or iPad the Shop is at the top of the home page & you can choose cassettes by categories/genres.  Alternatively you can just search artists/bands by using the πŸ” top right of the home page.  If you find anything you like just add the cassettes/gifts to your cart, you can pay by PayPal, Debit or Credit Card.  mrcassettes guarantees all cassettes are checked & play tested by me, any issues please drop me a line & I will sort it out immediately with you, I’m a real person that loves music just like you.  Thanks for πŸ‘€ at my website & supporting my Independent music store instead of one of the big corporates πŸ™„!

πŸ“¦ Shipping is charged at a flat rate per order tracked.  (As many cassette as you want for same flat rate postage price)!   U.K. Β£2.95, Europe Β£7.95 & Worldwide Β£11.95.  Your items will be packed securely in a padded Jiffy bag or strong cardboard box.  You will be notified by email when your cassettes have been dispatched & the Royal Mail tracking number.

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